What Are The Most Common Child Birthing Injuries?


The United States Centers for Disease Control reports that the top childbirth injuries caused by preventable medical error or OBGYN are brachial palsy injuries, facial paralysis, brain injuries, fractures, and cephalohematoma and caput succedaneum. Brachial Palsy Injuries, including Erb’s palsy, occurs when the nerves that cause the movement of the arms and hands are injured. The most common cause of brachial plexus injuries is shoulder dystocia, a condition that occurs when the infant’s shoulders are trapped in the mother’s pelvic bone during the delivery. If the physician pulls too hard while delivering the baby, the brachial plexus may be injured.

Facial Paralysis occurs during the delivery when too much pressure is placed on the infant’s face during the delivery. This may damage the infant’s nerves. Most commonly, this occurs when the physician uses forceps or a vacuum extraction to pull the baby out. The symptoms include the baby’s inability to close the eye on the affected side of the face. In severe cases there may be paralysis on the affected side of the face.

Brain Injuries may results from oxygen deprivation during the delivery. When an infant suffers from a brain injury a host of injuries and disabilities may occur, including cerebral palsy and chronic seizures. Oxygen deprivation can occur when the physician fails to monitor an infant immediately after birth, from umbilical cord issues such as prolapsed cord, allowing the baby the remain too long in the birth canal. Even a short delay with mild oxygen deprivation may lead to serious consequences, such as intellectual and physical disabilities. Fractures to the clavicle make the list as the most common type of fracture during delivery. It is usually caused when the physician pulls to hard on the infant while in the breech position.

​According to the CDC many of these birthing injuries are the result of preventable medical error or malpractice. However, not all birthing defects and infant injuries are medical malpractice.If your child suffers from intellectual or physical disabilities that may be related to the physician error then contact us for a free case evaluation.


Statistically many medical malpractice cases are lost by the plaintiffs. In the state of New Jersey the plaintiff wins in about 29 percent of the cases filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey. When you contact the Baxter Law Firm for a free medical malpractice case consultation you begin to increase your odds of a successful settlement or verdict. We will discuss the key criteria in determining whether medical malpractice caused your child’s disability. If the physician departed from the standard of care in the delivery of your child and your child has a suffered an injury, then we will guide you. Most often we engage other experts in the field of physician error assist with your child’s case.

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