Amazon Five Star Review for Every Last Drop, by New Jersey Lawyer, George Baxter

George Baxter, New Jersey personal injury lawyer, book get five star review.

We have all thought about our own demise.
By Alfred Garino on February 11, 2014

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I certainly considered my own death a number of years ago having had heart surgery. I could not imagine surviving this life saving procedure and being infected with HIV from a contaminated blood transfusion in the hospital. George T. Baxter, a New Jersey lawyer has written this non-fiction account of his extraordinary efforts throughout a six year legal battle to expose a conspiracy within the blood industry which resulted in 29,000 people in the U.S. alone being infected with HIV at a 95% mortality rate. As discussed in the Forewords of the book by Dr. Marcus Conant and Dr. Donald Francis, both experts in the field: We trust the medical community to help and heal us not “knowingly provide products that could kill us.” A young “inexperienced” attorney at the time, George T. Baxter details his 6 year struggle in a battle against a billion dollar industry and prestigious law firms to expose the truth. The dramatic real life courtroom scenarios including the the Supreme Court are intensified by Mr. Baxter’s persistence to overcome the numerous hurdles and obstacles he continually encountered. These scenes are very interesting, important and even humorous at times. The result is a legal victory exposing that the blood industry knowingly conspired to sell contaminated blood. A legal president has been set regarding regulations and accountability. As stated in this book, thousands of people worldwide have been infected by American blood products. In other countries blood bankers responsible for infecting patients went to prison. I mostly enjoy reading fiction. But this book was as engrossing and gratifying to me and held my interest from beginning to end. Thank you Mr. Baxter!


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