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$7.2 Million


In 1995 George won a confidential structured settlement against a hematologist who misdiagnosed a young woman with a bleeding disorder and gave her multiple transfusions with AIDS-contaminated blood.

$1.2 Million


Corporate arbitration on behalf of plaintiff against the Corporation and Real Estate Partnerships for a Corporate buy-out



  Following a six week jury trial the jury returned  verdict for $1.3 million dollars for our client. Another defendant in the case had previously settled for $750,000. This case involved a man who received AIDS contaminated blood. This case provided evidence that led to a congressional investigation and is also the subject of George's book, "Every Last Drop: Blood and Money," available on Amazon.

 $1.45 MILLION


Multi party settlement against orthopedic surgeon and blood bank. The surgeon ordered unnecessary transfusions and the blood bank failed to screen the blood for AIDS.


Our client  underwent surgery of a hip replace when her physician incorrectly determined that her hematocrit dropped and transfused her.

$1.5 Million 


A confidential settlement for a 12-year-old girl against an orthopedic surgeon who negligently performed back surgery.

$1.5 Million 


Settlement for the plaintiff against multiple defendants including an orthopedic surgeon.

$1.2 Millon


Settlement for factory worker in a work place product liability case. The manufacturer of the machine had filed bankruptcy but George established that a successor company was responsible. 

$1.5 Million


Settlement for the plaintiff against multiple defendants including an orthopedic surgeon.



Woman sustained a concussion in an automobile accident that led to a seizure disorder.



Construction accident workplace accident & product liability case for our client who was knocked from a commercial roof  as the result of a construction machine designed without a guard. He suffered a fractured hip.



A confidential settlement won for our client against a physician for medical malpractice in departing from the standard of care in performing a diagnostic procedure that resulted in nerve damage.

$ 1.75 MILLION


A confidential settlement for our client who suffered spinal nerve damage as the result of her orthopedic surgeon. His failure to diagnose the need for immediate surgical intervention caused permenant nerve damage/




After three weeks of trial the physician's insurance company entered into a confidential settlement for my client for mis-diagnosis.



Product liability case against the manufacturer of a diagnostic test that failed to  catch contaminated biological product & confidential settlements with physician co-defendant..



Automobile accident and altercation with another driver. Our client sustained a concussion and head injury. 


 Failure of a testing laboratory to detect contaminated biological blood products that they distributed. There were other co-defendants in this case that confidentially settled separately.

Sometimes we fight all the way to the Supreme Court for our clients.

Appellate & Supreme Court Victories.

  • Snyder v. Mekhjan, 244 N.J. Super 281 (App. Div. 1990)- George successfully argues before the New Jersey appellate Court the right of a woman- patient to sue the hospital and blood bank for negligently screening and testing its blood products that infected her with AIDS.


  • Snyder v. Mekhjan, 129 N.J. 328 (1991)- George successfully argues before the New Jersey Supreme Court the woman’s right to sue her physician and hospital for infecting her with AIDS from contaminated blood.


  • Snyder v. American Association of Blood Banks, 282 N.J. Super. 23 (App. Div. 1995) – Several years later, after a long successful trial, George argues again before the New Jersey appellate court for William Snyder’s trial victory.


  • Snyder V. American Association of Blood Banks, 144 N.J. 269 (1996) – George again successfully fends off the industry’s appeal and the New Jersey Supreme court affirms George’s landmark trial victory.


  • Peticionne v. BFPR Properties (Bergen County, 2012 Unpublished) George successfully argues that the business partner of an LLC may attach the ownership of the other partners’ ownership and sell it to satisfy his client’s $1.2 million dollar arbitration award.


  • Jane Doe v. Abbott Laboratories,  Argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court that Abbott Laboratories may be sued for a defective biological screening test that failed to detect a false negative AIDS contaminated sample.


  • Jane Doe v. Abbott Laboratories, agued client may sue Abbott Laboratories dispite FDA approval of their product. 


  • Todd v. NYBC, argued a minor was entitled to discovery from the New York Blood Center about the blood donor.    

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