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“George Baxter literally SAVED my family and my business from a relentless wealthy bad person who was willing to spend hundreds of thousands to bleed me in court. They hired a huge law firm with 6 to 8 attorneys against me and even had a personal relationship with one of the partners of the firm who attended court and the trial. This team for over a 3 year period exhausted every resource to try and make us quit, they literally were under the impression that it was an easy win but they made one crucial mistake and that was they underestimated my legal team which George Baxter was a part of. George’s knowledge, relentless pursuit of the truth and his court room and trial presence was unmatched. A 7 day jury trial primarily fighting a restrictive covenant resulted in an UNANIMOUS VICTORY in my favor! It was a stressful time but at every turn George took the time to explain the process thoroughly and eased my anxiety. I thank you George and my family thanks you. I would get into a fox hole with you any day and that brings me to this, thank you for your service to our country as well.“

- Dave Paladino

“I am a retired law enforcement officer with 26 years of service. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with numerous attorneys at the municipal, state and federal level. Mr. Baxter’s integrity and honesty is second to none. I have found his dedication and compassion to right a wrong and to represent his clients to the best of his ability to be extremely refreshing. Mr. Baxter’s relentless passion to get to the truth is something that is often overlooked in today’s society. Mr. Baxter is easy to communicate with and he makes you feel as if you are his main priority. There has never been a time when he has not given me a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer a question and if by chance he could not take my call, he immediately contacted me back. I highly recommend Mr. Baxter’s firm. Mr. Baxter is the epitome of a professional.“

- Brian Long


“George Baxter, Esq. is the real deal. There is no one – that fights the way George Baxter fights. PERIOD. Hands – down the best personal injury/med mal trial attorney, the state of New Jersey has ever had! Some people may go an extra mile, he goes an extra thousand miles. It’s refreshing to find an attorney who genuinely cares about his clients and takes on their cases as if it were his own personal cause. With George, there’s no such thing as an “off” switch, it’s always “ON” and his easy going down -to- earth attitude makes him more approachable. If you’re lucky enough to have him take your case, George is the very definition of a “dream team” and a GAME-CHANGER everyone should have on their side!“

- Elizabeth Z.


“An old machine pulled my arm into it leaving me disable. The manufacturer had gone out of business. Mr. Baxter tracked down the successor company and got me a large settlement. Thank you, Mr. Baxter.“

- Salvador H.


“My multiple legal problems were with an ex-business partner who is an attorney. When I retired from the automobile franchise business we owned together a dispute arose with my ex-partner over the business. Millions of dollars, my life’s work and pension were at stake. George’s thirty years of experience paid off for me. His professionalism, work ethic, and courtroom demeanor is well respected by his peers and judges. George, I have to say is a Brilliant Attorney, just ask my ex-business partner.“

- Anthony Petriccione


“Thank you Mr. Baxter for being so dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about your work. I couldn’t have been happier with the way my son’s case was handled. From start to finish, the whole process was completely professional, efficient and stress free which was a huge relief after all we had been through already!“

- Michelle Ottomanelli

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