The Art of Winning Multi-Million Dollar Legal Settlements


I am proud to kick off the Fall, 2020, with the announcement of two multi-million dollar settlements for my clients. Helping clients to win their case and get their lives back on track is why I continue to practice law after three and a half decades. Do you think consistently winning seven figure settlements is luck or a talent? I think this level of success comes from thinking outside the box, solid investigation techniques and, as we used to say in the Marines, taking no prisoners! Here are two examples.

Liz is a 35 year old woman who was referred to a physician for a routine examination known as a “cystoscopy.” This is a procedure that allows her physician to examine her bladder by inserting a cystoscope equipped with a lens into her urethra and into her bladder. This is considered a safe procedure with hardly any risks of injury. However, in Liz’s case she developed a debilitating and painful condition know as pudendal nerve entrapment. Liz’s lawyers who represented her for over two years could not connect her injury to the supposedly harmless cystoscopy. Six months before Liz’s trial they dropped her as their client. Liz had to scramble to find a lawyer who would not only believe her, but also put the case together on short notice for her pending trial.

This is where relentless investigation comes in. In San Francisco, I found the only urologist in the United States who is also an expert in pudendal neuralgia. After reviewing Liz’s case he explained to me that her debilitating neuralgia was caused by the urologist continuing to insert the cystoscope into the uretha after she complained of pain. The pain was caused by her sphincter muscle tightening in reaction to the forcibly entry of the scope. The harder her urologist tried to insert the scope the more her vaginal sphincter muscle tightened. Over Liz’s complaints of pain, the urologist continued to insert the scope into her vagina, causing the vaginal sphincter muscles to tighten so much that they compressed the nerves causing a painful condition also called pudendal nerve entrapment or pudendal neuralgia.

Where Liz’s prior lawyers failed to figured out her case, I succeeded with good detective work. I won Liz a confidential seven figure settlement from the urologist for his departure from the standard of care. Below is Liz’s review.

“George Baxter, Esq. is the real deal. There is no one – that fights the way George Baxter fights. PERIOD. Hands – down the best personal injury/med mal trial attorney, the state of New Jersey has ever had! Some people may go an extra mile, he goes an extra thousand miles. It’s refreshing to find an attorney who genuinely cares about his clients and takes on their cases as if it were his own personal cause. With George, there’s no such thing as an “off” switch, it’s always “ON” and his easy going down -to- earth attitude makes him more approachable. If you’re lucky enough to have him take your case, George is the very definition of a “dream team” and a GAME-CHANGER everyone should have on their side!”
– Elizabeth Zea

In the case of Jose, he was injured when his limbs were caught in a paper press. The machine failed to have safety devices that would have turned it off when a worker’s body part got close to or caught in the rollers. The first complication with Jose’s case is that the original manufacturer of the machine had filed bankruptcy and dissolved years before his accident. This meant that although Jose had been seriously injured by a dangerous machine there was no defendant to hold responsible.

However, gum-shoe investigation revealed that the owners of the company had formed a new company that manufactured the same kind of machine in the same building with the same management. I successfully convinced the court that this new company was a “successor-in-interest” and predecessor of the bankrupt original manufacturer. The court agreed and allowed me to sue the new company in what is known as “successor liability.”

The fight was not over yet! The predecessor company claimed the machine was not defective because it was manufacturer over forty years ago with different safety standards. After I obtained a court order to compel the defendant-predecessor company to allow me into their premises to forensically examine their old blue prints I discovered the name of the original engineer. I successfully tracked down the engineer and he testified that he thought a guard should have been on the machine but management refused to save money. Needless to say, the defendants caved and paid the compensation Jose deserved to get his life back on track.




How do I win multi-million dollars case? It takes thinking outside the box, hard work and dedication to winning my client’s case and helping them to get their life back on track. First, I begin with the premise that if my client is seriously injured then someone did something wrong, or put into action a chain of events that caused his/her injury. The original tortfeasor is not always obvious at first, so it is necessary to work your way backwards from the occurrence that caused the injury.

Sometimes the lawyer needs to hire an expert in the field. For example, In Liz’s case I had to travel to San Francisco to find the only urologist in the United States who could explain the cause and effect of her physician’s actions. In Joes’s case I had to locate the original engineer who revealed the machine’s guard was deliberately left off forty years earlier to save money.

Fighting for justice, winning cases and helping people get their lives back on track is what I have done over over 35 years! It is who I am.

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For more than 30 years, The Law Office of George T. Baxter has been helping seriously injured clients win their cases and get their lives back on track. We take pride in our three decades of winning cases. There is no charge for a personal injury consultation and no legal fee unless we win your case.